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pronunciation ed past simple

pronunciation ed past simple

pronunciation ed past simple – ED appears at the end of regular verbs in the past tense (e.g. wanted, helped, lived) sometimes in adjectives ending in ED (e.g. tired, embarrassed, relaxed) as well as in some Past Participles.

However the pronunciation of ED sometimes causes problems for non-native speakers because it can be pronounced in three different ways: as / id /, as / t / or as / d /

(Note: whenever you see letters or symbols between two slash marks (/ /), it refers to the pronunciation of that letter or sound)

Before we learn the difference ways to pronounce ED, we must first know what voiced and voiceless consonants are.

So we say:

an aged man /ɪd/
a blessed nuisance /ɪd/
a dogged persistence /ɪd/
a learned professor – the professor, who was truly learned /ɪd/
a wretched beggar – the beggar was wretched /ɪd/
But when used as real verbs (past simple and past participle), the normal rules apply and we say:

he aged quickly /d/
he blessed me /t/
they dogged him /d/
he has learned well /d/ or /t/

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